Credit Card Identity Theft-How to protect your credit properly

Credit Card Identity Theft is becoming more and more a bigger problem as technology changes. Credit identity theft is something that you should educate yourself on so you will be more informed to protect yourself from identity fraud. The last thing you want is to become a victim of this type of crime.

The best way to protect yourself from credit card identity theft is to know a little about how these criminals try to obtain your personal information. Some individuals will go phishing which is a term used when a web page is created that looks very professional and legit.

 Protect Your Identity and Credit from Fraudulent Activities

This site will ask you to verify your banking information, credit card numbers or even the loan verifications and any other personal information they want. Some will dumpster dived to recover personal information always shred your papers.

When buying items with your credit card always keep the receipt and never throw them in the garbage unless you have shredded them. When you receive preapproved credit card notices and you are not interested you should definitely shred the paperwork.

 If not someone could take the application and fill it out and get the card themselves. Every time you receive your credit card statement read through it carefully and check for any odd charges that may be on there.

This is one way to easily have a habit for preventing credit card identity theft. You can also register your cards at a credit card protection agency and place their stickers on your credit cards this may help in deterring credit identity theft from happening to you.

 How to Protect Yourself against Credit Card Identity Theft

Financial Identity theft can cause a lot of havoc in your life once a person has your personal information. If you stay proactive about your credit and credit cards you can help prevent credit identity theft. There are several different ways for you to protect your credit. Every time you make a purchase with your credit card don't let it out of your site and get it back as soon as you can. If there is any carbon paper ensure you take that and dispose of it properly.

 If someone phones you asking for your credit card number don't give it out unless you were the one that called them and initiated the original phone call. Companies that are legitimate won't ask for your bankcard number over the phone line. If you receive an e-mail requesting your credit information don't even respond to this and delete it right away. Never give your credit card information to a website that is not secured, you can tell by reading the URL which should start with (https).

 Be Responsible When Using/Storing Your Credit Cards

When you receive your credit cards you should sign them and immediately destroy your old ones that are expired. Remember to never put your pin number right on your card or keep it anywhere someone would find it memorize it and you won't have to worry about it. Do you really need all those cards that you are carrying around the carry least as possible on your person?

 You may even want to cancel some of those store cards you hardly use. This makes it easier for you to keep track of all the financial statements at the end of the month. Credit card identity theft can be avoided if you follow some of these prevention tips. Remember all you have to do is create some easy habits to avoid credit identity theft.

 Stay away from e-mails that have urgent action, as these are usually phishing sites

E-mails might say:

  • If you don't log in to verify your account it will be closed.
  • They may offer you a free product if you login.
  • Some will tell you that you need to update your expired credit cards.
  • Offering you a once-in-a-lifetime only today's sale.
  • Telling you you're accounts have had fraudulent attempts on them and you should log in and change your password.

If you fall prey to any of these scams then you will become a credit card identity theft victim. And you will have to start going through the full process of trying to clear up your credit and to try to gain back your identity. In some aspects of when your ID and credit have been compromised it may be years that it will be resolved, in some cases it may never resolved and always haunt you

Smart credit cards will they help with financial identity theft

The Smart credit cards have been around for a while but were too expensive to use in the masses. With more advancement in chip technology it is now cost-effective to use these cards. The cards are designed so they will be able to hold more personal information like passwords and even keep a record of your shopping habits. You'll have the ability to control the information that a merchant can use or see.

These cards will come with a four-digit code that keeps the card locked, which is great for credit card identity theft. Merchants and banks are going to have to update their systems to read the chips, but for now they will have to use the magnetic strips. We want to help inform you on information about credit identity theft and what you can do to protect yourself. We have gathered resources that we think can help please take the time to review these resources.

Check Identity Theft-Report the fraud of the century
It is sad to see that check identity theft is on the top of FTC consumers complaints. You would think that people are more aware of this type of fraud by now, Check fraud is responsible for losses of billions of dollars each year. With millions of electronic transaction happening worldwide every day, it’s also very hard to trace.

Business Identity Theft-Buy only from reputable accredited businesses
Business Identify Theft is the most serious problem these days. In fact, this is exactly how most of innocent consumer’s identity problems originate. Did you ever think about how identity thieves can get personal information regarding thousands of individuals?

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