History of Identity Theft-Oldest crimes in the world

On the History of Identity Theft, it is hard to find out exactly when and how it all started; but it is safe to assume this type of fraud has been around for thousands of years. Of course, it is hard to believe it has ever been as wide spread and causing the loss of such large amount of money as it is today the History of identity theft is changing with technology advancement.

Although we look at the electronic age as a symbol of development, this also had the consequence of opening a whole new world to a new type of crime: the cybercrime. Stealing personal information has never been easier.

With everyone’s information stored online, if a perpetrator gets his hands on a personal database file, he can have the personal details of thousands of individuals. Keeping your data safe is a constant struggle against hackers.

If you look at FTC’s complain reports, you will find out that the history of identity theft is responsible for over half of it – and it has increased in these last years. There is no sign of it slowing down, and the only way to fight back is by teaching people how to defend themselves.

Do not be fooled into thinking you can do nothing about it: follow FTC’s identity theft prevention guidelines – and hopefully, you will never know how it feels to have your financial health completely shattered.

Information on Identity Theft-Understand how identity theft can affect you
Truth be told, Information on Identity Theft is the best ammo you can use to fight back. This type of criminal preys on people’s innocence’s and ignorance’s, and once you learn their tricks, you are much less likely to become their next target.

Identity Theft Scams-How can you Stop/Prevent ID scams
Identity Theft Scams are constantly evolving and changing. Unfortunately for us, these frauds are always using the latest and most elaborated methods. When something sounds too good to be true, you better be suspicious before providing any sensitive data like your social security number.

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