How to Guard against Identity Theft

It is hard to believe that most people still do not know how to guard against identity theft, even though this is on the top of FTC’s complaints list every year. If you think this is something that can only happen to others and that you are safe because you don’t use the internet to make any transaction, you better think again. Everyone is at risk!

Identity theft does not happen just to those entering their personal details on the internet. In fact, this type of fraud has been around long before the internet was invented – though, truth be said, the internet allows a much broader access to private personal information, helping identity thieves achieve their goals.

Simply using a credit card in any store or restaurant might be all it takes for someone to clone your card and use it for fraudulent transactions. Some document you throw out, might allow someone to open an account in your name, and use it for illegal purposes. It is up to you to follow FTC’s How to guard against identity theft guidelines, to prevent this from happening.

Although we live in an electronic world, it does not mean you have stay locked inside your home to be safe. Destroying sensitive data before throwing it out, using hard-to-guess intricate passwords (and not your birth date or maiden name, as thousands of people still do), these are just a few methods of How to guard against identity theft and keep you out of harm’s way. Proactive measures are the best way to help avoid identity fraud that could happen to you.

 By creating some helpful habits you will be able to be proactive in stopping any current threats that can happen right from the front lines of when you are using your card, and checking your bank statements to be on top of all your important information.

Identity Theft Prevention-Proactive tips for identity and credit fraud
Identity Theft Prevention is something everyone should keep in mind at all times. By being proactive to prevent identity theft you should have several Identity theft prevention habits that can help you in your everyday life. Identity theft prevention can be done in several different ways.

Identity Theft Scams-How can you Stop/Prevent ID scams
Identity Theft Scams are constantly evolving and changing. Unfortunately for us, these frauds are always using the latest and most elaborated methods. When something sounds too good to be true, you better be suspicious before providing any sensitive data like your social security number.

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