Identity Theft and Fraud-You may be vulnerable for identity and credit theft

You may think Identity Theft and Fraud to be a thing of the past. With all the electronic verification methods available today, you would think we are safe from data thieves and identity frauds, wouldn’t you? Well, unfortunately, all those electronic transactions also make it a lot easier for unscrupulous people to prey on innocent citizens, and use the gathered data to commit these Identity theft and fraud crimes.

The most basic (and fatal) flaw of all is: choosing the wrong password. Yes, I know how tempting it may be for you to use your birthday as the password for a number of internet web sites. Of course, it is also one of the first passwords identity thieves use when trying to crack your accounts to get to your data.

You should keep your social security number safe, but if you have to store it on any online profile, do not forget to use a random password, containing both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as number and symbols this will deter Identity theft and fraud on your identity.

Identity theft is very hard to track down, with criminals hiding behind several layers of electronic transactions. Do not believe someone will protect you if/when it happens to you: take your identification protection into your own hands.

 Learn how to prevent this from happening to you by following FTC’s Identity theft and fraud prevention guidelines, and you will be able to browse the internet with a clear conscience.

Credit Card Identity Theft-How to protect your credit properly
Credit Card Identity Theft is becoming more and more a bigger problem as technology changes. Credit identity theft is something that you should educate yourself on so you will be more informed to protect yourself from identity fraud. Financial Identity theft can cause a lot of havoc in your life once a person has your personal information.

Identity Theft Directory, Prevention tips, solutions, resources
The Identity Theft Directory is here to help you be proactive about your identity and your credit protection. Identity theft is becoming a major concern and being proactive will help protect you from identity fraud. Having your identity stolen can have a traumatic effect on your credit and identity (by stealing who you are).Identity theft directory, Identity theft prevention, solutions, identity theft resources, identity theft protection, identity theft insurance.

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