Identity Theft Prevention-Proactive tips for identity and credit fraud

Identity Theft Prevention is something everyone should keep in mind at all times. By being proactive to prevent identity theft you should have several habits that can help you in your everyday life. Identity theft is a very scary and frustrating thing that could happen to anyone. This crime has no age or gender or race barriers. Identity fraud has been around for a lot of years, even before the birth of the Internet.

 Before You Know It Someone Has Compromised Your Identity Credit

There are a lot of people that think the Internet and buying on the net is the only way you could become a victim of identity theft. In actual fact it would be the least way you would fall victim to this crime. Year after year around the world people have found that they have bad credit or their credit card as charges on it that they never made.

 The bad thing is they have become victims of identity theft. Identity theft prevention is your first defense against identity fraud. The reason this crime is hard to catch and control is because the victim won't find out a crime has been committed for weeks or even months.

 Preventing Identity Theft Can Stop Many Years of Frustrating Credit Repairing

This amount time gives the ID thief plenty of time to rack up credit card bills, open other lines of credit in your name and even selling your personal information. When this happens you will find it will take a long time to correct the damage that this person has done. Sometimes some of the credit damage no matter how much you tried to prevent identity theft may not be fully corrected and will follow you for the rest your life.

What Tools Are Available to Help You with Identity Theft Prevention?

Identity theft prevention can be done in several different ways. If you find this is a daunting task you can for a fee have an identity theft monitoring service to help minimize any identity fraud that may occur. Once it is happened they may even have a service to help file and notify the proper authorities and help you start your credit repair. The thing with this service is that once they track something suspicious that means that it already has happened.

 The good thing is you might be able to stop it sooner. There are other services that take the prevent identity theft before it happens approach. With this in mind there are a few steps that you personally can do to be proactive about preventing identity theft. If you have a driver’s license, credit card, bank account or maybe you own your home then should be concerned with identity theft.

One thing that could really help you in a bad situation is to copy everything in your wallet so you have an exact record of what is in their in case anything should happen you would be able to act fast reporting to the proper authorities.

Memorize and Do Not Carry Your Social Insurance Number Card

 Another very important tip to preventing identity theft is never carry your social insurance number in your wallet memorized the number so you can recall it when you need it. The best way like I mentioned earlier about hiring a company that gives you identity theft prevention there are some online services that will cost around $100 a year and they can protect your personal information. Even if an identity fraud thief has all your information they won't be able to do a thing. This security service should leave you totally feeling secure and safe about preventing identity theft.

Here are a few tips for identity theft protection:

  • Only give out personal information to people you trust to keep it secure.
  • Take your name off of marketing lists from the credit bureaus like Trans union, Equifax and Experian.
  • Check your credit report once a year for anything you might find suspicious.
  • Never throughout credit card receipts in public.
  • As an alternative to your social insurance number offer your driver’s license number.
  • Get your mail as soon as possible.
  • Shred all paperwork containing personal information.
  • Every month review your bills and make sure there are no unauthorized charges.
  • Buy software for your computer that will encrypt any information on your e-mails that you send.

Ways on How Identity Theft Can Affect Your Life and Credit

Identity theft can happen in several different ways and understanding what ways are possible will give you more of an idea and why it is so important in preventing identity theft. A thief within hours of getting your personal information can transferred your money right out of your bank accounts, they can take your existing credit card and rack up a lot of bills for luxury items. They will be able to open new lines of credit under your name and withdrawal all the cash.

 They also can buy a cell phone and set up an account in your name and make a lot of calls leaving you with a huge cellphone bill. Some will even set up utilities and an apartment that's all under your name. They have the ability to open money market accounts in your name and start writing bad checks.

 The scariest thing about identity theft and why it's so important to prevent identity theft is that the thief can change your address billing on your existing credit card and you won't even know that you have these charges being put on your credit card.

Identity Thieves Work around the Clock create Proactive Identity Theft Habits

The best solution to identity theft is identity theft prevention and it all comes down to you and how you want to protect your personal information. Remember these identity fraud criminals work night and day to find their next victim so do not let it be you. We want to help inform you of all the information that you may require on preventing identity theft. We have gathered articles and resources that can help, please take the time to review our resource section.

How to Guard against Identity Theft
If you think this is something that can only happen to others and that you’re safe because you don’t use the internet to make any transaction, you better think again. It’s up to you to follow FTCs How to guard against identity theft guidelines, to prevent this from happening.

Prepaid Legal Services Identity Theft-A personal safety net
Prepaid Legal Services Identity Theft is something most people should consider. If you are a victim of this white-collar crime, trying to recover your financial health is a time (and money) consuming process. With Prepaid legal services identity theft, you can get all the legal assistance you need.

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