Medical Identity Theft-Protect your medical records from fraud

Unfortunately, medical identity theft is becoming a major issue in the United Stated. While, clearly any kind of identity theft is not to be taken lightly – as anyone who has seen the financial records messed around by unscrupulous thieves can attest; the Medical identity theft kind can be even worse.

Although identity theft usually involves someone using stolen identification to make financial transactions that will ultimately fall upon the unsuspecting innocent victims, there is also another less-known variation involving Medical identity theft related insurances and services.

This type of fraud often originates a trail of falsified medical records that can endanger the lives of the real patients, and can plague their lives for years. You should treat it as seriously as any other kind of identity theft, and report it immediately to the appropriate authorities.

All identity theft safety concerns regarding financial fraud are also valid for the Medical identity theft variation. Learn how to protect yourself from any kind of identity theft by following the FTC security guidelines.

Sometimes, something as simple as choosing a better password can save you from a lot of trouble, both financially and medically. Be sure to do your part, protecting your own identity.

Social Security Identity Theft-The most common SSA scenario
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